1. Afternoon Barrels

    15 Nov 2021
    One more coffee was enough time to wait for the tide. It was too cold to be lingering outside for any longer than necessary. Some parts of Cornwall had even woken up to a dusting of snow. Fionn, in wetsuit and pair of ski gloves, ran ahead to stay warm…

  2. Sarah in Surf Girl Magazine

    15 Sep 2021
    Sarah Gordon-Ashworth featured in Surf Girl Magazine Issue 73. Sarah’s article reminisces on her experiences surfing her local surf spot, her inspirations and chosen equipment. Sarah is a brand ambassador for SRFACE wetsuits.

  3. A Winter’s Morning

    18 Jun 2021
    Making hay while the sun shines with James and Joe.

  4. Ben

    15 May 2021
    A few shots of Ben, shot across a few different sessions.

  5. Martin’s Lunch

    06 Mar 2021
    It was convenient that the tide coincided with lunchtime. Martin surfed several waves on which he unleashed backhand snaps throwing buckets of spray and even though two leashes snapped in the space of about thirty minutes they held out long enough for a lovely lunch hour session.