1. Swimming with Rose

    09 Jan 2020
    Rose headed up to Open Surf to collect her first longboard, hand-shaped by Beau Young, not even twelve months ago. This collection of photos combines three sessions taken over three seasons, demonstrating the quick progression of Rose’s longboarding skills. First hanging-five, then hanging-ten, Rose’s toes on the nose.

  2. Swimming with Fionn

    21 Dec 2019
    The wind wasn’t ideal, nor was the swell. Fionn was keen to test a longer board he’d recently picked up. I was keen for a swim. As luck would have it, the wind dropped a little and surfing conditions improved. The sun even appeared until it set. On its maiden…

  3. Late October Swell

    03 Nov 2019
    Late October delivered a noteworthy swell and although it was short-lived, Fionn, Andy and Dai made the most of the tail end of it…

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