1. Martin’s Lunch

    06 Mar 2021
    It was convenient that the tide coincided with lunchtime. Martin surfed several waves on which he unleashed backhand snaps throwing buckets of spray and even though two leashes snapped in the space of about thirty minutes they held out long enough for a lovely lunch hour session.

  2. Shot On Film

    21 Feb 2021
    A few shots from a morning stroll with a vintage twin-lens film camera and a roll of Ilford HP5+ film.

  3. Sunset On The Pier

    14 Feb 2021
    With daylight hours increasing, Alex, Sam and Luke surfed at dusk. Alex Alex Alex watches as Sam is on the wave of the evening. Luke

  4. Sunrise with Rob, Michael and Bruno

    07 Feb 2021
    Frosty grass crunched and iced puddles cracked. The trail was more slippery than the usual layer of mud that slowly matures through autumn. On the rocks, the smaller pools had even frozen over. The first wave over the feet was a warm welcome in comparison to the land Out in…

  5. Bernie In Carve

    31 Jan 2021
    Dai caught up with Bernie on the wrestling fields and Carve Surfing Magazine featured the interview “If you’ve ever surfed at Porthleven over the years, then the chance are you’ve seen this man in the water. And I do mean EVER. He’s spent about as much time in the line-up